Substation Engineering & Design Corporation, founded and owned by David R. Busby, was incorporated in April 1995.  At that time, David, with 17 years experience in the field of substation design & packaging, was already established as a licensed Professional  Engineer.  He was joined by Anita G. Martin, with 13 years of design experience.


Within 3 years it was obvious that Substation Engineering & Design would need further expansion.  In 1998, Kimberly S. Hamm, also with 13 years of experience in substation design, joined David and Anita.

Business continued to grow, and larger, more permanent facilities were required, so the company moved into its own, new building in the Pelham Industrial Park in the spring of 2000.  One expansion to the office space has been made to allow for additional employees.  Nathan Riddle started as a part-time designer in January 2001, until he completed school and transitioned to full time in May 2001.